I love Forever Living Products and love to talk about them everyday. I’ve seen a big deference on my teeth since I started to brush them with Forever Bright Toothgel, which is made from aloe vera and bee propolis and no fluoride. For sure a dream to have in your mouth.

Great products. Especially Aloe Vera Gel. Everyone should take this; it’s all natural and truly worth it.

Luminesce™ amazing results. Better complexion appearance and eye bag lessen after 45 days. Looks younger and feels better.

Needed 2 shots of insulin per day. Without good reading for blood sugar was 14.0.
After food was 30.0. After consuming RESERVE™and PROPECTIN, his sugar level went down before food to 8.0 in 3 days!

You guys have the BEST customer service known to man!!! I have always been impressed with how fast you help us out!

This lady was suffering from skin cancer on her face. Her doctor advised her that going through chemotherapy may blind her. She got to know of RESERVE™ and took 9 packs a day. Within just 2 months, she had started to recover from her skin cancer.
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